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Energy Strategies, Inc.

Serving the energy community with commitment & integrity

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About Us 
Energy Strategies, Inc. (ESI) is a management consulting firm serving the energy markets since 1995.  
Energy Strategies, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia is owned and managed by Dr. Howard J. Axelrod who has over forty years of experience in the energy area. ESI is a small firm serving a niche sector with a focus on business and strategic planning, new business development and risk management.  ESI's clients cover the full spectrum of the energy market place and have included investor-owned electric and gas companies, municipal and electric cooperative systems, state and federal regulators, energy trading groups, large industrial clients and research and development organizations.
Please note:  There are several unrelated firms with the name Energy Strategies or a close varient.  From what we understand each are very fine organizations worthy of your consideration; however, only Energy Strategies, Inc. (Incorporated in New York) addresses the breadth of issues and clientele outlined below.

About the Company
Energy Strategies, Inc. was created in 1995 by Dr. Howard Axelrod with a very special mission: To provide our clients with innovative solutions to complex issues.  Our mission has and continues to be professional, objective and ethical. 
ESI provides a range of services for our clients including:
  • energy risk management

  • enterprise risk management,

  • risk & uncertainty assessment,

  • economic impact analysis,

  • strategic planning and

  • new business development. 


Our clients include investor owned electric and gas utilities, municipal electric systems, independent power suppliers, large energy users and state and federal regulatory agencies.

Customer Testimonials
Since 1995 ESI has served some 60 clients that include utilities, power suppliers, regulatory agencies and large energy users.  Our greatest testimonial has been the long lasting relationships we have established with so many of our clients.  We are always pleased to provide a list of our references. Just a short list of clients have included:
  • Southern Company and Georgia Power

  • Public Service Electric and Gas

  • Unitil

  • New York Independent System Operator

  • New York Power Authority

  • Mirant

  • The Energy Authority

  • Santee Cooper

  • Brookhaven National Lab.

  • Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative

  • Massachusetts Wholesale Electric Energy Company

  • FERC & state PUCs in NY, NH, MD, NJ, PA, AR & CA